Monday, December 20, 2010

Iryna Storozhuk for Kam Thompson / by Simon Soong

Kamulah Thompson, a 23 year old Jamaican- American,  and recent graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, is a contemporary fashion designer, who specializes in ready-to-wear women’s apparel,  but also designs swimwear, children’s-wear, accessories and menswear. She holds the philosophy that all can be fashion-minded, be their dress simple or extreme.  She is well travelled and views each nation and its peoples as an avenue of expression for both uniqueness and similarity, and tries to incorporate these findings into her designs as well as inspirations from even the most unlikely sources. Kamulah takes pride in being able to keep up with the trends but at the same time maintain a level of classic sophistication.

Prior to receiving her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Kamulah resided in Mandeville, Jamaica, where she pursued an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration. Later on in life, she also plans on going back to school to earn a MBA with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.  She plans to use her education and cultural backgrounds from both countries to eventually start her own clothing line. Her mindsets in life, which have helped her overcome her many obstacles so far are “God never gives us more than we can bear” and “Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will”.
Her passion for fashion lies in how one can use something as simple as an article of clothing or a style of dress to portray their mood at the time or convey their personality in a single glance. It amazes her how just one accessory or lack thereof, can make or break a fashion statement one is trying to make. She loves being a part of the fashion industry and helping others to express themselves through her creations, giving women that extra boost of confidence in their step that comes from knowing they are clad in the perfect outfit. To contact Kamulah for more information, or to have her create your perfect outfit, please email at

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Iryna Storozhuk for Eva Danielle sportswear Spring 2011

Eva Danielle presents a fun and flirty, soft and comfy collection, a perfect start for any day sportswear collection, which she creates together with her mother and design consultant Jill D. Wittels. The sportswear collection was developed to cater to the need of the increasingly fast-placed lifestyle of American women. Cute and cozy never looked this sexy! Lots of fun prints and designs to show off.  The  collection has the softest, lightest tees, washed to perfection. It is like a tee heaven! Sweet mini dresses with a bit of stretch for the ultimate in body-hugging softness, a slim-fit  that moves with you and retains its shape. The best in softness, stretch, color and comfort. The clothes were intended to be easy to care for with easily washable fabrics.
You cannot walk the streets of a big city, or visit a shopping mall or a college campus and not see a fashionista wearing beautiful sexy sportswear nowadays. Eva Danielle’s sportswear collection represents strong, sexy and stylish women. She is confident and trendy, but interprets those trends to suit women's needs. For Eva her sportswear signature look of hip, flirty, body-conscious fashion is the ultimate expression of her own style.  This new Spring 2011 sportswear line consists of 30 styles, with a  price ranging from $35 for a cotton tank top to $125 for a cotton dress with crystal designs.  Eva Danielle’s sportswear collection comes in handy and is great in the current economy; cozy young flirty looks are always in fashion!
Article by Iryna Storozhuk / Dec 12, 2010

Iryna Storozhuk's Mrs.Santa shoot (Dec 2010) by Simon Soong

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Iryna Storozhuk for 'The Starrz"

Here are some photos from my shoot for new Miami based bling-bling designer Camari Martin. His line calls “The Starrz” and it is quite fantastic! Lots of shine and creativity! I loved working with designer's production team, my new favorite make up girl Lauren Massaro and photographer Simon Soong.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Revenge Fashion Magazine about Iryna Storozhuk

Iryna Storozhuk is a professional model, and since Revenge is a global fashion magazine we would like to add that she is also a lesson in geography. You are looking at our very first Ukrainian female Renaissance Model. Eastern Europe sure looks beautiful.

Iryna has brought to modeling a body that is work of art and the brain of success.

Her poses are perfect.

Love note to the designer…

It has been over 3 years since I know you.
 I remember my first steps on Miami model market. Everything was so different and strange compare to Ukraine. Language barrier was killing my opportunities. I wrote you a message on Model Mayhem in order to tell you how breathtaking your designs are and you replied in about 30 seconds back to me! It was chemistry from the first sight.
Our Ukrainian backgrounds, age, fashion and something else I feel but can’t make up the word for it kept us together since.
Thank you for my first Eva Danielle fashion show, you always liked me as I am in real life on the runway. I love being asked to smile and to be flirty! And don’t get in trouble for it!
Thank you for my 4 days at the trade show! I loved every second of it! I wish I can have that light box in my wardrobe just to stand on it sometimes!
Thank you for my wonderful baby shower, I felt so much warmth and support never before in my life! Your family is like my second family to me. I felt so special when your father came to my labor, when granny toys showering my little London and when Jill emails me on every occasion!
Thank you for calling and texting me when I am sick!
Thank you for Miami Beach Fashion Week Eva Danielle show this year, it brought me back to the world of fashion and inspired me to keep doing what I love and what makes me happy!
Thank you for my wonderful Eva Danielle wardrobe! I have been wearing my favorite skull with flowers mini Jilou dress on every casting ever since and I got every job I wanted! I wish I could wear it more than 3 times per a week, but everyone will start to think I have nothing else to wear!
Thank you for loving me!
I love you!

Inspiration of my life...


                               One the photo is my older sister Julia (on the right) and I in 1999.

When I was a little girl, I guess at was about the age of 9, I went to my cousin’s wedding where I have been noticed by one very charming woman, who happened to be the owner and creator of one of the modeling agencies in Moscow.  She waited until she could talk to me and my parents together and she told us she would love if I will become one of the models in her agency when I will turn 15.
I remember it took me 2 more years to understood what did she mean by her proposition and I started to dream about it ))) It has been 15 years of living in a fashion dream…modeling world holds my heart and does not let go no matter what real people from the real life are telling me. I love it and I am not letting it go no matter what.
Sometimes I wonder what if 15 years ago someone trusted told me I should become a teacher of astronaut?!
My fashion inspiration of the day is Katsia Zingarevich (Damenkova). Beautiful rising supermodel.

Miami Style Magazine about Iryna Storozhuk

The Miami Style Magazine would proudly present to you Iryna Storozhuk. This sensational model has been the talk of Miami and continues to be a successful model. She is strong, intelligent and graceful. Iryna truly knows the do's and dont's to the modeling industry. She is such a delight to speak to and for that very reason I had to feature her.She is not only just breaktakingly beautiful but she is a very devoted young woman who knows what it truly takes to be a fashion model
Read the article...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Revenge Fashion Magazine

Iryna Storozhuk is a professional model, and since Revenge is a global fashion magazine we would like to add that she is also a lesson in geography. You are looking at our very first Ukrainian female Renaissance Model. Eastern Europe sure looks beautiful.

Iryna has brought to modeling a body that is work of art and the brain of success.
Her poses are perfect.