Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspiration of my life...


                               One the photo is my older sister Julia (on the right) and I in 1999.

When I was a little girl, I guess at was about the age of 9, I went to my cousin’s wedding where I have been noticed by one very charming woman, who happened to be the owner and creator of one of the modeling agencies in Moscow.  She waited until she could talk to me and my parents together and she told us she would love if I will become one of the models in her agency when I will turn 15.
I remember it took me 2 more years to understood what did she mean by her proposition and I started to dream about it ))) It has been 15 years of living in a fashion dream…modeling world holds my heart and does not let go no matter what real people from the real life are telling me. I love it and I am not letting it go no matter what.
Sometimes I wonder what if 15 years ago someone trusted told me I should become a teacher of astronaut?!
My fashion inspiration of the day is Katsia Zingarevich (Damenkova). Beautiful rising supermodel.

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