Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love note to the designer…

It has been over 3 years since I know you.
 I remember my first steps on Miami model market. Everything was so different and strange compare to Ukraine. Language barrier was killing my opportunities. I wrote you a message on Model Mayhem in order to tell you how breathtaking your designs are and you replied in about 30 seconds back to me! It was chemistry from the first sight.
Our Ukrainian backgrounds, age, fashion and something else I feel but can’t make up the word for it kept us together since.
Thank you for my first Eva Danielle fashion show, you always liked me as I am in real life on the runway. I love being asked to smile and to be flirty! And don’t get in trouble for it!
Thank you for my 4 days at the trade show! I loved every second of it! I wish I can have that light box in my wardrobe just to stand on it sometimes!
Thank you for my wonderful baby shower, I felt so much warmth and support never before in my life! Your family is like my second family to me. I felt so special when your father came to my labor, when granny toys showering my little London and when Jill emails me on every occasion!
Thank you for calling and texting me when I am sick!
Thank you for Miami Beach Fashion Week Eva Danielle show this year, it brought me back to the world of fashion and inspired me to keep doing what I love and what makes me happy!
Thank you for my wonderful Eva Danielle wardrobe! I have been wearing my favorite skull with flowers mini Jilou dress on every casting ever since and I got every job I wanted! I wish I could wear it more than 3 times per a week, but everyone will start to think I have nothing else to wear!
Thank you for loving me!
I love you!

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